About SUMO

SUMO means Stop, Understand , Move On. It is a set of six principles supported by wisdom statements to help get the best from life, yourself and others.Stop, Understand: Take time out, stop, think, reflect, press pause, get off auto-pilot.

Move On: Look to the future, take action, look for possibilities. Tomorrow can be different from today – if you want it to be

SUMO is based on an international best seller Shut Up,Move On, written by Paul McGee and  uses a cognitive behaviour and solution-focused approach to help people reflect and move on from challenges.

SUMO Principles

  • Change Your T-Shirt: Take responsibility for your own life.
  • Developing Fruity Thinking: Take charge of your thinking (Event +Response=Outcome)
  • Hippo Time is Ok: Understand how setbacks affect you and haw to recover from them.
  • Remember the Beach ball: Be aware of other people’s world.
  • Learn Latin: Changing through action.
  • Dare to Dream (Ditch Doris Day) : Creating your own future rather than leave it to chance.


SUMO provides a simple, practical language and tools to create life enhancing conversations with ourselves to support build resilience and create opportunities and possibilities to enhance the quality of our lives.

SUMO principles and approach:

  • Build resilience.
  • Support emotional and mental health wellbeing of young people and adults.
  • Build and sustain motivation.
  • Build capacity to make positive choices in life.
  • Cultivate positive relationships.
  • Is both a tool and a framework for reflection and navigating change.
  • Is not linear and can be best seen as a tool box allowing adaptability in the classroom as well as a whole-school approach.
  • Provides a common language for the whole school community.

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