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Welcome to the HeadStart Wolverhampton Curriculum site. The site shares resources from our HeadStart teams that you can use in your schools to support young people in developing their resilience, and improving their self-awareness around emotional well-being:

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About SUMO

  • Written in 2005 by Paul McGee.
  • 140,000 copies sold in 41 countries across the World.
  • Available in 11 different languages.
  • 3 Ps: Public; Private; Premier League.
  • Based on CBT.

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Event + Response = Outcome
We have choices! Same event, different outcome! Responding better e.g. asking for help. Thinking before reacting. Your response determines what the outcome will be.

Introductory Primary lessons (E+R=O)
Introductory Secondary lessons (E+R=O)

SUMO Principles

1.Change Your T-Shirt

What’s the point? I can’t do it! Why me?
What is the message on your t-shirt? WSIC?
Why should I Care? Own your feelings!
Can you change your t-shirt?
What actions do I need to take to make this situation better for me and for other people?

2.Developing Fruity Thinking

Four types of faulty thinking:

  • Inner Critic
  • Broken Record
  • Martyr
  • Trivial Pursuits.

Mindset matters! Fruity thinking!
TEAR Model
Seven questions to help you SUMO!

3. Hippo Time is Ok

It’s OK not to be OK.
It’s OK to feel mad, bad, sad. No feeling is wrong.
Temporary—use seven questions to help you on the road to recovery.
Finding inner peace.
Use detour model.

4. Remember the Beach ball

Helping you to build better relationships.
Trying to see things from others peoples perspectives.
Everyone’s perspective is different and we all see things in different ways.
Try to practise empathy and see things from others points of view too.
Understand others first!

5. Learn Latin

Seize the day! In order to make a change, things need to happen.
FAIL (First Attempt In Learning)
Coping with change & making the best of life. Moving outside of your comfort zone & trying new things.
Dream big, start small!

6. Dare to Dream (Ditch Doris Day)

The future has yet to be decided…
What is success & what does it look like?
Have aspirations!
Set goals!

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